Audible Review: Silver Lake 66 – Let Go or Be Dragged

Silver Lake 66 is the soulful, American duo of Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo, based out of Portland Oregon. Their sound combines tight harmonies, strong duets, and sharp guitar work steeped in classic country, rock and blues. Their songs are personal and genuine. Their debut album Let Go Or Be Dragged was released in August 2016. The CD has been well shared and gotten positive feedback. It has gotten airplay from over 55 radio stations throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

Let It Go Or Be Dragged hit #19 on the Roots Music Report (a national Americana radio airplay chart) and the song San Francisco Angel reached #18 on the singles version of the same chart. I’m not one for country, but this one was interesting to review.

The album opens up with Bury My Bones in Arkansas the song is slow as Jeff takes the lead with Maria providing the harmony. They changes roles throughout the entire song, neither one overpowering each other.

There are twelve songs on the album, in particular one song stood out to me the most. Magnolia. This song stood of the most because in the song listeners can hear just how strong Maria’s vocals are. They are angelic and the melody of the entire song is slow, the way how real country music should be placed. Another great track off the album is Sherman County, which starts off with a guitar which is later added in with a steel guitar that perfectly stimulates the soul. The melodies in the song push the tune from ten to one hundred. It is a pleasure to listen to.

Throughout the entire album both artists combine their voices in this calm and satisfying duet, neither of them overpowering each other. The lyrics on the album reek of love and love, trials and suffering, and the beauty of life. It’s simple and direct which makes it very relatable and down to earth for listeners/reviewers. The whole album is very soul touching thanks to the sound being so clear and in a sense mournful.

Let Go Or Be Dragged is one country album that I actually enjoyed this time, which says a lot because I am not one into country. This one was calm for me to listen to and enjoy, it was very relaxing and peaceful. It is the pure kind of country music that is enjoyable. Silver Lake 66 has definitely achieved with what they set out to do when they wrote and recorded these entertaining songs, which is even enjoyable for someone who is particularly not into country music.

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