Audible Review: The Psyatics Reveal The Faces of “Famous Monsters”

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Las Vegas trio The Psyatics have delivered their third studio album, Famous Monsters.

The band—comprised of Rob Bell (bass guitar and vocals), Jack Ball (guitar) and Mark Baertschi (drums)—have been on the scene since 2012, and have dropped two successful full-lengths prior to their most recent.

They’ve shared stages with The Dickies, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Missing Persons, and embarked on a 2016 in tour in Japan. The group is hard at work on their upcoming release, tentatively called, Worse Things Happen At Sea.

The Psyatics have a striking similarity to other artists like Iggy Pop and Hives, and such sounds are immediately noticeable upon listening to their most recent project.

Interestingly, the “old fashioned Rock N’ Roll” atmosphere is paired with instruments that are usually absent from Rock music, such as the saxophone. Such combinations make for a unique listening experience, but one that is also as familiar as those found with bands who have influenced The Psyatics.

For this album, frontman Rob Bell shares “disturbing tales of the evil that humans do to each other.”

“Voices in My Head” sees Bell talk about being attracted to a woman who others think is not good for him, and other tunes throughout the project tackle themes of unrequited love. Most of the tracks feature Bell shouting over complex guitar riffs and loud drums. Luckily, though many tracks focus on heavy themes, the energy of the music should make listeners want to have fun and get into some kind of trouble.

Overall, the LP proves to be a fun and energetic collection of songs. It should be an especially good time for admirers of early projects from Guns N’ Roses or other bands from the 1980s Rock scene.

The Psyatics have exemplified musical talent three times over since 2012, and one can be certain that they have no intentions of slowing down anytime soon.

Fans of Rock music should be assured that The Psyatics will not disappoint, and audiences should watch closely for what they have brewing for the future.

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