Audible Review: Todd Warner Moore Has The “Spark” With Latest Album

Kansas born artist Todd Warner Moore has released his second album “Spark.” The prominently folk pop musician has delved into many other genres within his album containing bits of folk, Americana, 70’s singer-songwriter, classical, jazz, and gypsy music as well.

The album starts off with a prologue, which I like, giving the listener a sense of the story, that “Spark” is planning to tell through its lyrics and musical ensemble. From what I can gather, it tells the story of a woman from the singer’s point of view, a third person narrative. The speaker talks of the woman, their journey together within their relationship, and their struggles that they face as well.

I personally love the way that Moore writes his lyrics because they are poetic and articulate such as the lyrics, “We carve expectations on a cliff by the sea and people take shape inside our scheme of things. We make our structures, clockwork displays, no corruption, corrosion, obstruction, to get in our way.”

His instrumentation has a relaxing melody to it using ones such as acoustic, electric, and steel guitars, the viola and violin, piano, cello, dobro, with percussion and double bass that gives the songs a peaceful overtone though simultaneously it makes it sound sleep inducing.

Overall though, I think the album is pretty good and would enjoy listening to it when I want to distress from a long day or feel all the feelings about romantic relationships. I also personally love folk music so that plays a big role too in my appreciation for the album. If you’re like me and enjoy the folk musical style and artists like Bob Dylan, listen to Todd Warner Moore’s “Spark” and check out his social media platforms also.






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Kaitlyn Smith

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