Audible Review: Weather McNabb Is A “Cubicle Zombie” With New EP

Weather McNabb released her EP, Cubicle Zombie, giving us five uniquely original tracks all which explore varying topics that help define the artist’s sound. A new generation of alternative is what McNabb is creating. She is merging the appeal of pop and the depth of rock to create her own version of alternative music, which has been reduced to radio friendly pop as of recently.

Within the five tracks “adapt” sticks out. With its deep lyrics and raw vocals, the second track elevates the entire ep to another level. It is the track that showcases the musicians talent the most, from her songwriting to her powerful voice, the track has it all.

McNabb has converted us into fans with her five-track ep, her unique vision and mesmerizing sound. With her one of a kind sound, she will remain to attract a niche audience, as she does not fall under what makes music popular these days, she is raw and real.


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Salma Almed

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