Audible Spotlight: Big City Cough – Born At Night

Everyone get ready to experience an incredible audible sensation with Toronto’s own Big City Cough.  Big City Cough sets out to create a rather compelling instrumental vibe, and this can be vividly heard with the latest release, Born At Night. Big City Cough has said that he tends to be a night owl and burn the midnight oil quite often.  The majority of the release was conceived and recorded in the middle of the night, and with that, we can see the project itself was, in fact, Born At Night.

First,  I would personally like to say that this album truly does envelop the feeling of the night, and it ranges through quite a few emotions that one would experience when up in the late hours of the day.  With that said, the album is certainly something new and was a very fun experience, and I would highly  recommend it being something to play in the background when one is up at night, either working or just thinking.  It can provoke some introspective thinking, I especially noticed this during my third listen. My personal favorite track is “Moon Corner”

You can follow the artist on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and while you’re at it, check out Big City Cough on the various social media platforms. Listen on and spread the word!

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