Audible Spotlight: JaeWit

Hip-hop artist JaeWit released his debut single “One Time” back on 11/11 in anticipation for his upcoming album P.O.ME. (Pieces of Me). Born Jared Whitaker, the Plainfield, NJ native grew up in an environment rife with “the common ills that plague young black boys here in America [such as] teenage parents, broken home, etc.” His music style draws inspiration from those past circumstances, touching on gang violence, drug use, crime, sex, and victimization of a revolving bigoted societal/economical system.

According to the artist, His perspective isn’t that of a drug king pin, or glorified street hustler or gangster, but rather a young man locked in survival mode amidst his world falling [apart: crumbling] family dynamics, destroyed friendships, losses of loved ones and friends, and even a period of homelessness. The emotion that is woven into his music embodies one who can face his obstacles, and walk through his afflictions, and be proud of the scars. His purpose is to inspire, and motivate, and to unapologetically speak the truth for a people the world has longed silenced and ignored.” The aforementioned single, specifically telling a tale of utter betrayal and revenge (with a bit of a surprise to the story), can be listened to on JaeWit’s Soundcloud, linked below. The style of it takes on strong highs, lows, and climaxes that only help to drive home the story and message of the track.

P.O.ME. is set to be a raw and realistic, yet poetic album—a unique mix that draws directly from JaeWit’s life experiences and ideals. Make sure you keep an eye out for the release by following the links below!

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