Audible Spotlight: Nova Moura

Attention introverts, misfits, and all other outliers!  Welcome to the music scene an artist whose heart is inspired from the place of solitude and deep reflection.  An artist who went against the grain and quit trying to fit in, but shed his early guise as a rapper in favour of music that invokes who he was and is.

Los Angeles based neo-soul singer/songwriter, Nova Moura, recently released his single “Blue Mazda” and mixtape Descension, Ramona Vol. 2.  A carefully crafted preview of what’s to come for this R&B meets neo-soul musician.  His sound is an invitation into his deepest thoughts, a place where vulnerability embodies every word in his songs and musical notes.  You’re beckoned into the symphony and dis-ease of heartbreak, loneliness, brutal honesty, and through a journey that reminds you that, in the end, we’re all one in the same.  We have loved; we have hated; we have been hurt.  We all feel.

The mixtape is a continuous flow of smooth beats, lush lyricism, a simplistic yet elegant flow of one emotion to the next, and spoken outtakes that give you a glimpse of his persona.  One song leads to the next; no shuffling and no repeat necessary.  Just loop the playlist and experience the synergy between the emotions.  It is a compilation that is meant to be felt and not analysed.  It’s a package that is designed to be opened in the quiet hours of the night when all your thoughts and emotions become one, and you are faced with the person you try to hide.

This is where Nova Moura finds his strength; that’s where he invites you to connect and he succeeded in this quest with Descension, Ramona Vol. 2.  He is an artist on a promising rise to success – a refreshing change from a music scene that’s saturated with wannabes and attention seekers.  He is the embodiment of unapologetic honesty intertwined with poetic sentimental expression.  He is the voice of all who wish to be heard.

Tune in to SoundCloud and listen to music’s next great experience.
Follow Nova Moura on Instagram and have a look at his website for more information.

Enjoy the music!


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