Audible Spotlight: Yvan Poisson Makes A “Blind Experiment” In Trip-Hop With EP

Calling any and all audio lovers – Yvan Poisson has released a new EP. Blind Experiment was released on Nov. 2 and will appeal to anyone looking for a low-key, trip-hop instrumental experience.

Though he leads a private life in Switzerland and chooses to let his music speak for him, Poisson has left a few comments regarding this EP. “With this EP I continue exploring the possibilities from granular sampling, this is where the sounds come from, except for the beats and the bass lines,” he said.

Blind Experiment starts off with “Latent Period.” The track runs at about four minutes long and features a saxophone instrumental. Layered with guitar riffs and a mellow beat mixed with the horns, it’s a strong start to the album. Title track, “Blind Experiment” remains mellow. “Threshold Dose” keeps the same beat while also introducing new instruments, making it a fun build-up of easy-going music.

Poisson stresses, “Once again this is music for the audio enthusiasts; you simply won’t enjoy it listening through a poor sound system with no deep bass and at a low volume. This only shines when you are in an appropriate listening situation (and mind).”

“Blind Experiment” remains abstract yet personal. Poisson has made an instrumental album worthy of any music lover’s attention. His attention to detail and music complexity make the album simply interesting.

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Lindsey Lanham

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