Audible Spotlight: Zaritza Blends The Best of Multiple Genres In Self-Titled Album

New to the scene rocker Zaritza has proven her worth with debut, self-titled album Zartiza. An album that showcases lyrical maturity and Zartiza’s vocal prowess. Released on Oct. 21,  the self-titled album makes for a good start in Zartiza’s musical journey.

Lead singer Zaritza (which she explained was originally from the word ‘Tsaritza’ and is a combination of Tsar and the mother of the princess, Anastasia. It means ‘queen,’ which Zaritza also explained is also a reference to her favorite band) tackles heartbreak, romance and life. “Music is my passion … it’s a universal language that connects people and cultures,” Zaritza explained.

“Diseased” is a short track that borders on punk with heavy guitars and bitter lyrics. “Somewhere In Between” is a five minute epic about uncertainty. “That Girl” is about Zaritza’s journey of independence.

Each song is complete with a rock musical arrangement. With a heavy guitar and percussion presence, the album also features Zartiza on piano. The mix of heavier rock and the lighter, more delicate sound of piano and string instruments gives the album a good, even balance.

A refreshing voice in the pop-rock genre, Zaritza manages to keep things interesting while singing songs that appeal to everyone. The catchy hooks and relatable lyrics is a promising start for the group. Hopefully their debut album won’t be her last.

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