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Nigerian-born pop/alternative rock singer/songwriter Charity Ekeke released a powerful debut album earlier this year, entitled She. Included on this album is the title track “If the Roles Were Reversed”: an invigorating commentary on gender and feminism in society with a corresponding music video that hit Charity’s YouTube channel (linked below) last year. SHE is comprised of eleven tracks of varying genres and styles, showcasing the versatility and talent of this passionate artist.

From a very young age, Charity was deeply involved with music; she sang in a choir and purchased a Record Song Book every six months with her saved-up money. Inspired by the British artists’ songs she learned, along with current events, both domestic and abroad, and personal struggles she experienced once she moved to the United States, Charity was determined to pursue her artistic dreams. It was a difficult beginning, her first attempts unsuccessful as she tried to balance work and raising a family, but she did not give up. In 2015, Charity released her first single: the upbeat track “Talk To Me With Your Eyes.”

Since then, Charity has been diligently working on She and has enjoyed the entire process. Three of the eleven tracks of which were actually written over 20 years ago, so the album is literally years in the making! Despite the age, the issues that inspires the songs’ creation are still present today, as Charity claims, while also saying that her “music comes from a place of truth, authenticity, and fun.”

As Charity’s official press release states, “She is a “women’s album” which chronicles her observations about the treatment of women around the world. The rights and issues, as well as the inequity women must deal with are what She is all about. A North American radio and press campaign has been launched to promote She … “If the Roles Were Reversed” is expected to not only hit Alternative and World music regional radio charts as it steadily climbs to the top of broadcaster’s play lists throughout the USA and Canada, but it is anticipated to appear on national radio airplay charts throughout North America … For Charity Ekeke She is a collective voice that must be heard and has been for far too long one that’s been overlooked.”

The singer/songwriter confesses that while it is easier nowadays to create, produce, and get your own music out into the world, it is still a difficult endeavor. She claims “it is only through God’s blessing that this is possible and is still amazed that she made an album at this point in her life.”

Charity has had performances in LA in the past few months, and has an event coming up later this month at Amplyfi in LA. You can check out more about Charity Ekeke, her music, and upcoming events on her website and social media sites, all of which are linked below!

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