Audible Spotlighted Artist: Christoph Watrin


Who is…

Christoph Watrin is a gifted singer, songwriter and pianist based in Cologne Germany. For a young artist, he already has a lot to show and offer to the music industry. Christoph was always very driven by his passion for music. He began taking piano lessons when he was only five years old, and at the age of 11 he became the lead singer of a children’s choir in Cologne called ” Lucky Kids”  Christoph is a talented, pleasant and well rounded individual.

The Big Break…

In 2005, Christoph was chosen among 5000 people to become a member of an international boyband  ” US5″ The casting of the band was set up as a reality show which aired on Germany’s major tv networks. This exposure gave the band instant popularity. Their debut single ” Maria” remained on top of the German charts for five weeks straight. Following the massive success of their first single, US5 released one hit after another. Countless magazine covers, three studio albums, and sold out tours US5 conquered Germany in no time. On the band’s second album ” in Control”, Christoph started to showcase his songwriting skills co-writing two songs on the album. Besides being an outstanding singer Christoph is also an amazing performer. Choreography is certainly one of his strongest skills so it’s no wonder that he took part in choreographing the band’s second tour.

…And Now?

This grand success gave Christoph the opportunity and experience to perform in front of the large audience. But don’t be fooled, Christoph is way more than just ” a mainstream popstar” He is capable to take on any musical genre.  Christoph  is currently studying music to enrich his knowledge as a musician. Parallel with his studies he is working on new music which we cannot wait to hear!




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