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The Miriam-Webster dictionary defines “cosmic” as, “of, relating to, or concerned with abstract spiritual or metaphysical ideas.” While listening to Cosmic Carpool’s latest project, Horizon, it’s extremely clear that the band personifies that definition in every way that they can. The Atlanta, Georgia based trio doesn’t seem to make music; they create arrangements that bend together myriads of genre with sonic soundscapes.

The group banded together during their years at Georgia Tech, with bassist Drew Cranford meeting Jeff Harrison, who plays drums and synths on the album. After bringing in guitarist Steve Bledsoe, the group played locally around the Atlanta scene and released their Peripheral Sounds EP. However, after college graduation, the group disbanded in pursuit of other musical opportunities. Three years later, with Jeff discovering a newfound love of synthesizers, the group got back together to reinvent themselves into a “space rock” group.

Each song is an instrumental experience that exhibits a homemade charm; it’s obvious that this album is self-produced, but that’s not a negative quality at all. It all the more heightens the craft and soul of the group. While the music isn’t for everyone (think Pink Floyd, if they made rave music), there is something on each track that any listener could find appealing, from the shuffling rhythm of “Phantom Funk,” to the EDM of the title track. “Big Blue Beast” and “Arise” follow the same melancholy alt-rock patterns. “Interlude” drones on for a solid two minutes, showcasing Jeff Harrison’s synth work. The guitar and synth solos on “Metal” bring to mind the work of Rush, in their earlier days, until the literal overdriving metal of the rest of the song kicks in.

This album is an interesting display of a group’s experimental introduction into space-rock, and it’s definitely a cosmic trip.

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