Aurganic Is Back With Their Energetic Third Album, Distant Echoes & Close Encounters”

Independent Artists, Aurganic, release their energetic 9-track third album “Distant Echoes & Close Encounters”. The album has an electronic alternative rock style, with sounds similar to Muse and Radiohead.

Aurganic is an experimental electronic / alternative studio project of two long-time friends Michael Kossov and Leo Pisaq. The two became friends and music partners in high school, when they were in the same local punk bands. After falling out of touch for some time, the two came together again to create music through the use of technology, producing their projects over original online collaborations. Already, they have already been licensed in numerous TV shows including CNN’s “Wonder List” and “MTV’s “MADE”. Craig Manning from Absolute Punk describes Aurganic as, “a band to watch precisely because they use every deviation as an opportunity to display their versatile and plentiful musical strengths.” Through Leo’s strong production skills and Mike’s compositional ideas, this duo is one to definitely remember.

“Distant Echoes & Close Encounters” is a project that took over 2 years to make and produce, allowing Aurganic to take the time to produce a killer record. The lack of deadlines they had allowed them to find new sounds and experiment with production. Entirely self-produced by Michael and Leo, “Distant Echoes & Close Encounters” was the first project they were able to handle their own mastering. With rhythmic and powerful drums and strong vocals, Aurganic was truly able to showcase their post rock and synth rock influences from beginning to end.

Be sure to discover more about Aurganic and their music yourself by streaming their incredible new album, “Distant Echoes & Close Encounters” on Soundcloud today!

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