Austin Marolla Gets Us In The Holiday Spirit With Latest Release, “Christmas Kiss”

New York City singer Austin Marolla  has always been focused on positivity and strengthening his community, whether it be through music or charity. His latest release, “Christmas Kiss” is an album compiled of entirely original songs and original takes on our favorite classics. Its poppy, its extravagant, it’s modern, and it’s fresh.

The holiday season is fantastic, we love the lights, we love the energy, but we also love the music. Christmas music gives you a warm feeling inside and uplifts your spirit. “Christmas Kiss” is the contemporary twist on christmas music that is needed to shake up the party. Its classical enough to maintain the christmas spirit, but modern enough to stay intriguing. Austin has tapped into a sound that others have failed to do, and it worked because he managed to allow himself to dive into character rather than try and be the new artist in the christmas realm.

With tracks like “Can it Always be Christmas” and “Big Fat Christmas” tapping into the angst surrounding the holiday, tracks like “Footprints”, “Alone on Christmas”, and “Miracles” give us that classic excitement. The song “the Santa Shake” is new, it’s fun, and it’s just what the gathering needs to ge off their feet.  The album ends with a beautiful rendition of “Sing Hallelujah” Auditions high-pitched voice and his youthful spirit boomed all over the album giving us insight into who he is as an artist.

Christmas albums are meant for souls who are pure and whose hearts are in the right place. Listening to this album will not only lift your spirit, but it will give you a new appreciation for modern Christmas music. With the industry being flooded with saturated content and cooperate games, it was refreshing to hear a sincere act express his cheer through the holiday we all love and cherish. You can stream “Christmas Kiss” on Soundcloud right now. You can also find him on Facebook. Remember to save it for all your holiday events that could use some spirit and you may even find your new holiday dance to go along with it.


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