Baked to Perfection: A Symbol of the Reggae Spectrum

Reggae has always been a genre known for the balance it creates between carefree beats and melodies and more serious lyrics. From the Rastafarian references to Babylon to more pointed and specific social comments, reggae is not necessarily the escapist music that it seems to be on the surface. Rather, it depends on the listener to differentiate between tracks that are truly mellow from beginning to end and those that have a more complicated goal in mind. Gingermon’s Baked to Perfection fits perfectly into this spectrum of Reggae music.

Gingermon, born Tim Gandee, is from Cleveland, OH and has been travelling and performing across the United States since the release of his self-titled debut album. His new album, released in mid-December, is titled Baked to Perfection, capturing the time and effort Gingermon spent curating this 13 tracklist. From beginning to end, every Reggae listener is bound to find something that attracts their attention, whether they like the relaxed production or Gingermon strong and raspy voice.

Tracks like “Babylon Say Freeze,” “Folsom Prison” and “Tomorrow’s Never Coming” catch my attention immediately because of their more serious subject matter. “Babylon Say Freeze” calls attention to current political and social issues including police brutality. Of course, Babylon is a Rastafarian term used to describe an oppressive hegemony, whether it oppresses economically, socially or politically. Johnny Cash’s originial recording of “Folsom Prison Blues”is already several times removed from those that have experienced prison conditions.

Gingermon’s interpretation on “Folsom Prison” is, therefore, further removed, but still exemplifies the necessity of prison reform all over the country. The production itself is even jolly when compared to the lyrics allowing the listener to enjoy the song no matter if they are in the mood to dance or to think deeply. On the other end of the spectrum are songs like “Miracle” and “Sativa.” They give the listener an opportunity to mellow out and take a break from heavier topics.

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