Basement Revolver Reveals What It’s Like To Be Sad In a Happy Situation With “Baby”

On August 24 the Canadian Trio, Basement Revolver, will be releasing their long-awaited debut album, Heavy Eyes. But right now they share with us their single, “Baby”!

“Baby” is a powerful and brilliant song in a way that feels like it’s constantly building. The vocals start peacefully, contrasting the ringing guitars and drums present in the verse, but by the time the chorus comes the singer is singing an anthem with immense power. Making it such an enjoyable song to experience.

“Baby was written at a point in my relationship where I was so happy with my partner and with the things in my life at that point – but I felt an overall dissatisfaction and sadness that I couldn’t explain. I’d be having a really nice date, and I would start crying, and I didn’t know why. Sadness was just there, sitting with me in uncertainty. So I dealt with it by trying to sleep it off or hanging out on my own. I felt like this depressive state was affecting those around me in a negative way and I felt guilty about that.” Says the singer Chrisy Hurn.

I am sure we have all felt a way like this before. I for one certainty heave and while it may not be okay, it is important to acknowledge how one is feeling.

“Baby I’m so sorry, I’m trying my best to figure this out, I swear that I’m so happy, this crying won’t fix what’s already broken and dead, just give me some time”. The lyrics say. It is important to have time in order to gather one’s thoughts and understand how a person can feel.

“Baby” is available on SoundCloud for all listening pleasures, again their album Heavy Eyes is out August 24 which is highly anticipated!

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