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Basement Surfers Create A Psychedelic Journey With Newest Album, “Human Music”

Basement Surfers is a rather interesting project. It is an expansive music and art collective, boasting talent from Seattle to Olympia. They create psychedelic journeys with their music, and it is accompanied by some incredible art. They perform on stage with up to eight musicians, adorned in cloaks and masks. They create an experience that not only audibly draws you in, but they also engulf you in atmosphere. They’re newest album, “Human Music”, came out April 28th.

“Human Music” is something that many people will instantly enjoy, especially those who are fans of anything psychedelic. The whole album flows from one song to another, beautifully. It is well produced, the synth isn’t overbearing, and all the instrumentals mesh so well together.  When you listen to the album, you can certainly tell that they care about what their work.  While the music is washing over you, don’t be surprised if you find yourself lost in moments of introspection.

My personal favorite track is “Friend Vicodin.”  It is a laid back track with deep lyrics.  It is even more striking when paired with its music video.  It makes one think about how we treat ourselves, our vices, and outlook on life.  “Beyond” is also a highlight on this album.  It is a really wild track that is easy to listen to.

You can give them a listen on their Soundcloud and Bandcamp.  Be sure to check them out on other platforms as well.

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