Bass Lions Mesh the Best of Two Worlds Together Beautifully with New EP, “Three”

Bass Lions have just released their new EP, Threes, and in this work they resurrect the works of Bach and Holst.  Along with those tracks, they have collaborated with the KW Symphony Orchestra to create their single “Dynamite Quartz.”

Bass Lions have beautifully meshed two worlds of music together: classical symphonies and rock.  It is truly amazing to hear what can happen when these worlds collide. This project set out to merge classically trained musicians with those who are rock practitioners, giving an opportunity to have classical arrangements whilst contributing to original composition. Bass Lions have certainly offered up something interesting.  While beginning the EP, one will surely recognize “Jupiter”, but now, there is a whole new layer to the classic piece. What is heard is the beauty of such a timeless piece along with an astounding surge of electricity.  The same electricity is carried into the next track “Prelude 1.” Theses tracks are ambient, melodic, and a pure reimagining of classics.

Their single, “Dynamite Quartz”, is a work of beauty.  It’s an electric symphonic joy.  The piece has beautiful strings and very crisp percussion.  On top of the instrumentals, there are a set of beautiful vocals. Together they create an emotional groovy listening experience. The mixing on this track especially stands out.  The quality is top notch and will make any listener want to hit the repeat button on their media player.

While you’re giving this EP a listen, be sure to go show Bass Lions some well-deserved support on their social media platforms. Listen on!

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