Beat Author Is Back With Their Second Single Featuring Melanie Munoz, “Breathe”

Beat Author returns with their second single, “Breathe.” The group, comprised of members Brian Cohen and Cristofer Arthur, have collaborated with musician Melanie Munoz for this soft Pop-Rock musical piece.

“Breathe” is only one of the many tracks that Cohen and Arthur anticipate having on their forthcoming, multi-genre debut compilation, “The Album.” For the two musicians, “The Album” will essentially be “another step in their mission to build a reliable platform for artists to create quality music.”

In the past, Beat Author showed the world their great musical diversity with their hip-hop hit “Trust;” the song featured Drag On, who is commonly considered an original member of Ruff Ryder Entertainment.

Alongside the release of “Breathe,” Beat Author has initiated a radio and press campaign in North America. The duo believe their most recent drop will appear on regional radio charts in North America, as well as Adult Contemporary/Adult Top 40 charts, as the song officially impacts radio on June 12th.

Without a doubt, North American music lovers are in for a treat with “Breathe.” One can only hope that the dynamic musical duo will continue to expand their radio and promotional campaigns to the rest of the world, as music fans everywhere deserve to hear what they’ve got going on!

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