BELAU Releases Their New Summer Hit “Breathe” Featuring Sophie Lidinger

Electronica duo BELAU released their debut album The Odyssey in 2016, and they are back with a brand new song/video, “Breath.” The pair continues to develop their sound with this new, summer hit featuring Sophie Lidinger.

The song layers Lidinger’s clear, melodic tone with the beats of the Hungarian duo. While the lyrics and vocalist maintain a slightly darker edge, the supporting beats feature light, bell-like sounds and chimes.  The lyrics read, “And I hold my breath just to feel what’s inside my body.” Although these two elements seem disconnected, they blend flawlessly to create an impressive track. The two artists maintain their individuality while coming together to create something beautiful, and the same can be said of the video.

The video begins with a young woman taking a train to who knows where; she appears to be wandering aimlessly through much of the video. On a journey to discover herself. Her introspection leads her to a mirror, where she decides to dye and chop off her hair. This decision seems to bring her a sense of freedom, and she progressively becomes more lighthearted. The video is artfully made with her original isolation transforming into a peaceful time alone. The song and video are a must listen/watch.

Watch the full video on YouTube.



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