Black Market Trust Is Back With Their Jazzy New Album “Folk Songs”

The Los Angeles band, Black Market Trust, is “known for their style of Gypsy Jazz in the tradition of Django Reinhardt, the band has taken it one step further with sounds from across Eastern Europe including romantic gypsy waltzes, classical themes, fiery Horas and Slavic Dances”.

Their newest album, “Folk Songs”, released on August 1st, consists of 15 beautifully executed tracks. They are mostly very bright and warm tracks, some with vocals in French and some with no vocals at all.

The song titles each represent an artistic venture, whether its dance, film, or song. The track, “ La Gitane”, takes it’s name from a film and “Czardas”, is a traditional Hungarian dance.

My personal favorites on “Folk Songs” are “Tears” and “Aria”. “Tears” has a very uplifting spirit and sounds like something that would accompany a café scene in a romantic movie. “Aria” is very delicate and peaceful. It has a certain calmness that is very comforting to listen to.

“Folk Songs” is an excellent album with very dynamic tracks that will have something for every listener. Even those who aren’t partial to Jazz music will find something on this album that they can connect to and something that inspires them.

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Julia McCormack

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