Black Market Trust

Black Market Trust (Jazz) ­ Album, II: Acoustic Serenades

Black Market TrustGenre: Pop, Jazz

Music: Black Market Trust (jazz) ­ album, II Info | Album link

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

The Pros of Classical Jazz Tones

The jazz sound of the Black Market Trust is out! This group teams up perfectly to introduce romantic songs about love and trust for all to endure, Hit harmonies:

  • Fly Me to the Moon: An acoustical serenade
  • Route 66: A groovy folk song w/ the handy and harmonic violin
  • Memories Are Made of This: A type of calypso style that makes for a great sound for the summer
  • Exactly Like You: Subtle song for beat loving fans

Locally labeled as a ‘Moonlighting album’, the new Black Market Trust song titles are simple to remember and exciting to play for all ages. The sound is sensitive with the acoustic guitar and the plucks from the violin. Makes for a fantastic try for jazz and calypso lovers–clap along ‘till the end!

Future Concert Locations: California (June 2016)

Jeffrey Scott Radaich (Songwriter)
Brian Netzley (Bassist)
Radaich (Guitarist)
Chris Irwin (Rhythm Guitar)

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