Blakeley Gets Us Addicted To Her Latest Single “Caffeine & Nicotine”

Brooklyn-based EDM artist Blakeley dropped her latest single “Caffeine & Nicotine” earlier this month. The single essentially encompasses the feeling of Brooklyn—a tongue in cheek call to alternative culture, coffee, and cigarettes. The track has bite to it, but not overwhelmingly so, and has quite an addicting sound. You can check out the track on her official website and other social media platforms, all linked below! You can also check out some of her past covers on her YouTube channel!

Now, I say EDM artist, but that’s not where Blakeley’s style ends. Her music takes on a whirlwind combination of Electro Folk, Pop, Surf Pop, Dance, Blues, Bluegrass, etc. which is sure to catch the attention of a wide audience. Her style crossover abilities result in “tracks that sound like a marriage between confessional poetry, deep house, and effervescent guitar twanging, all of which guide her cutting voice as she probes the absurdity of topics as diverse as Edward Albee plays and online dating.”

Under Happy Hound Records and produced by Ben Grubin and Mark Evans, Blakeley is currently working on her EP Sin Cider, set to release near the end of this year. Her band consists of bassist Ben Grubin, drummer Alex Beckmann, and guitarist Dylan Marcheschi.

Next for Blakeley after Sin Cider drops is a NYC/Brooklyn tour around December and January. For now, “Caffeine & Nicotine” is turning heads on the radio and up for purchase on iTunes! Definitely give this “chameleon-like songstress” a listen through following the links below. As Blakeley calls to fans, “HELP MAKE MY RAGS TO RICHES STORY COME TRUE!”

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