Blood And Glass Release A New Music Video For “Hop The Fence”

Montreal-based duo Blood and Glass welcome you to their twisted world through the release of their new music video, “Hop the Fence,” straight from their second and latest album, Punk Shadows, which dropped back in March. The group, now signed with Simone Records, formed around 2013, consisting of singer-songwriter Lisa Moore, Montreal-based musician Morgan Moore, and later Robbie Kuster, who joined them on their tour of Quebec, Ontario, and Northern United States. Blood and Glass’ first EP was released back in October 2014 to much worldwide praise, later hitting the road with Montreal’s own Patrick Watson and Ariane Moffatt, headlining across Italy before returning home to more full-house performances.

True to form, the group, described as “Industrial Sade meets Tom Waits” by international music festival POP Montréal, takes on an eccentric playfulness in the video, balancing it well with just the right amount of black and white “cinematic moodiness” to keep you watching.

Director Kaveh Nabatian “follows the band’s frontwoman, Lisa Moore, alongside six dancers as they move gracefully and hide behind their hand-held fans … With eyeballs painted onto their eyelids, the performers give out a creepy feel, one that is unsettling and captivating. The surreal makeup and theatrical costumes are made even more powerful through Axelle Munezero’s choreography, which focuses on the dramatic arm movements of waacking combined with the feminine poses of classic burlesque.” It truly is an interesting performance, particularly the blend of dance movements, which Lisa Moore discusses, saying, ““We wanted to juxtapose really stereotypically attractive women doing these cliché 50s glamorous moves with something modern and creepy. I love juxtapositions that offset clichés, it’s very provocative.” I agree, Ms. Moore, I agree. I’d say you hit the nail on the head.

She goes on to describe the song itself, saying that “‘Hop the Fence’ is about feeling trapped and forced to be something you are not,” continues Lisa, “All these talented, creative people that Kaveh brought together… Becca Blackwood, Erin Ryan… and Axelle… we were all on the same page. We decided to toy with the idea of first revealing the dancers as cliché hot, then giving them a creepy quality, and then… BAM! We reveal one thing: their amazing TALENT.”

Blood and Glass are currently in the middle of their Quebec tour, and be sure to check the links below for tour dates, more information on the group, and the amazing music video for “Hop the Fence”!

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Tour dates:

08/24 Quebec City, QC – Bar L’Anti*
08/26 Sherbrooke, QC – La Petite Boite Noire*
08/30 Montreal, QC – Sala Rosa
09/02 Rouyn Noyranda, QC – Festivale de Musique Émergente
09/07 Montreal, QC – Ritz
09/09 Saint-Adolphe d’Howard – L’Ange Vagabond*

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