Born Ruffians Release “Miss You” Off New Album

In a time where every musician is striving to create the next big radio hit, a single band stands out. Being majorly inspired by the rock n’ roll of the past, the band Born Ruffians is striving away from the expected sound and giving us the type of music that has been lacking from the music industry in the past recent years.

Born Ruffians’ latest single, “Miss You”, is the best example of their music style. “Miss You”, the first single from their coming record, is a beautiful track in which the influence of the rock n roll of the past is clear. The song is the result of one of the band members’ own personal experience, making it an intimate experience in which we get to know the band on a more personal level. The song conveys emotions that are felt by everyone during a certain point in their lives, making it more than just a piece of entertainment. “Miss You” reflects all of the band members’ varying musical qualities, from the unforgettable raspy vocals to the perfectly played instruments all throughout the duration of the track.

This single is just a taste of the band’s highly anticipated 9-track LP, to be released on the 16th of February.

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