Brie Angellina Debuts Her Soul-Laced Music Single, “Lullaby”

Miami, Florida-based pop/R&B artist Brie Angellina is no stranger to the music scene. Having been featured already in music videos for artists like Nick Merico, Lil Chuckee and Austin Mahone, Brie is ready and eager to debut her own smooth, “soul-laced” track “Lullaby” from her upcoming EP Honeyed Words.

Brie has had a love for the performing arts from a very young age. Four, to be precise, which was when she began taking dance classes and acting classes later on. Throughout her varied experiences in the arts, music has always stuck with her. She began formal vocal training a few years ago, and has since posted several covers to her YouTube (linked below) and Soundcloud (surprise! Also linked below). Inspired by artists such as Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Kehlani, and Jhene Aiko, Brie has “a deep rooted passion for music, ingenuity and hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams.” And inspire she has, it would seem—she has a growing fanbase dubbed “Brie’s Angels” following her who, I’m sure, are excited for another release of Brie’s soulful tunes and expert vocals.

Brie’s debut single, “Give You Up,” dropped back in March 2015, followed by second single “Do That For Me” in early 2016. Honeyed Words will be her first EP, set to debut later this year, and if the rest of the album is as high quality and smooth as “Lullaby,” it’ll be one to look forward to. On her Soundcloud, she describes the meaning behind the track:

“‘Lullaby’ (to my ex love) is a song about the realities of a break up. It’s about being magnetic to each other even though you’ve called it quits. You just can’t seem to give up the most intimate part of your relationship. Maybe its meaningless, maybe it isn’t…. maybe we should forget about it the next day and go back to being strangers……….”

Sounds like quite the meaningful song. Keep an eye out for Brie Angellina’s EP Honeyed Words, and be sure to give her covers and original releases so far a listen!

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