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Caleb Keith & The Calaveras Get Us Stuck “Between Late and Lonesome”

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I’ve heard lots of talent come out of Georgia, there must be something in the water. Caleb Keith & The Cavaliers is an act that brings together timeless country rock and love songs that will make you think of that special someone. When I hear Keith’s voice, all the elements of a good singer are all there, he has the passion, energy, and hits each note to lead the tracks to victory. The Calaveras do an excellent job of blanketing Keith’s vocals, incorporating small riffs and drum breaks throughout the tracks to keep everything sounding alive and interesting. Listening to “Marie” off of Caleb Keith & The Calaveras’ latest album, “Between Late and Lonesome”, there seems to be something new to listen into or a new riff to discover with each play-through.

The album itself is eight tracks and it brings together elements of both country and soul music. As Rascal Flats once said, “Life is a highway”, what Caleb Keith proves on this album is sometimes that highway is a bit lonely. But that’s what country music is for! Sad music for happy souls, one could consider it the previous generations pop punk. Regardless, I’ll definitely be including “Between Late and Lonesome” on my nighttime playlists, maybe I’ll take a trip to Ohio; see what this “Marie” is up to.


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