Canadian songstress, Melanie?, releases the first single from her EP

Melanie? is a young alternative R&B artist from Toronto. She is on a self-proclaimed journey searching for her identity, which is the theme in her single “16 Candles, and her EP.

Her smooth and soulful pipes are showcased on “16 Candles”. The track is full of hypnotizing synth, touching lyrics, and a warm baseline.

Melanie? will be a fan favorite for those who love electronic ballads and airy, blissful vocals. She sings with such passion in her voice, that makes her music incredibly captivating to listen to and incredibly relatable for her fans.

Melanie? has been quoted saying, “Have you ever felt so alone in a crowd of people that even if you screamed at that top of your lungs no one would hear you? A constant worry that you’re going to disappoint everyone and that you’re not going to amount to what you dreamed of being. Laying yourself out there constantly for people to pick you apart. I believe in a new world. A world where everyone can be free of judgments, free from waking up and feeling the pressure that someone can’t accept them and their true art and selves for what it is. I truly believe we were all brought to this world to create, to be great and to show our true selves.” Melanie? seeks to be a voice for her fans through their own personal self-discovery.Make sure to listen to “16 Candles” here while patiently waiting for her EP to drop!

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