Carroll Releases A Music Video For Their Single, “Red Giant”

When you think of smooth sounds, you will soon be thinking of the group Carroll.  After giving them a spin, I’d say they are like silk to the ears. Your ears will be craving for more of their sound once you hear them.  They have recently released a video for their song “Red Giant”, and I will say I was pretty impressed.

The video and song mix so well together. It includes views around Philadelphia, passing through many colors. All of the colors give this slight psychedelic feeling, shifting through various moods.  It might make one slip into intrinsic thoughts while listening to the music.  We pass through time, sometimes fast, sometimes slow.  There are those moments where we seem stuck in place, but the world keeps turning. Seasons change and people go, but we can hold on to feelings for a lifetime. If you enjoy videos such as this one, I recommend checking out their video for “Bad Water.”

“Red Giant” is off of their latest album, As Far As Gardens Go, and it is all very impressive.  Go give it a listen, and build excitement for the future project they are working on.  Keep up to date by following them on the various media platforms, and, as always, listen on!

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