CHANCES Practices Resilience With “Fire To Go”

The up and coming group, CHANCES, is sending out a serious 70’s empowerment vibe that feels very evolved and fun with their latest single. Soft but empowering, “Fire To Go” is the perfect break-up song when you are feeling like you want to get your shit together and get over whoever did you dirty.

CHANCES described the song saying, “We’re excited to share our fourth single ‘Fire to Go’, an anthem of resilience. It’s an empowering break-up song that talks about taking a stand and resisting the temptation to let someone back into your life when you know it’s a mistake.”

If you need a fix when you’re low, this is the perfect song for you. The electric beat paired with the smooth instrumental combine beautifully recreating a feeling that something incredible is on its way.

“Fire To Go” is available to stream on SoundCloud and if you enjoy their single, look out for  CHANCES’ debut album, Traveler, out April 27th.




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Amy Almeida

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