Christina Rubino Sets the Indie Stage ABlaze with New Single and Music Video, “Godspeed and Guns”

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“Art should comfort the disturbed…and disturb the comfortable.”—Cesar A. Cruz

While accurately describing the experience of indie folk artist Christina Rubino, the quote is also shown at the beginning of the music video for new single and title track of upcoming album, Godspeed and Guns.

The single culminates how it feels to hit rock bottom, and how having a hard childhood could affect acts of the future. The Brooklyn native’s edgier indie rock voice brings a new definition to country music. The trumpets and background music throughout the song are heavily identical to Western showdown themes. The alternative folk sound and soulful tone of Rubino’s voice makes the record all the more compelling and intriguing to listen to. The song itself is an embodiment of how Rubino uses her individual experiences to craft an emotional piece that comforts the scars her past may have left.

The music video for the song is where the latter part of the quote comes in. Simultaneously being a beautiful accompaniment to the song, the video itself is a Thelma and Louise-type of visual interpretation. Christina and Dolores are seen travelling around town, killing men who impose wrong, this being shown by several shots of disembodied heads in jars with labels such as “Rapist” running across them. The video also explores the close relationship Christina and Dolores have, as well as the psychological effects of what having a tough childhood can do to a person. The video hints at Christina’s behavior being due to events she witnessed as a child, and Dolores’s reaction to these events is what keeps her at Christina’s side.

The full-length Godspeed and Guns is set for release January 6th, 2017, as well as new single, “Shadow”. Rubino has been writing her own songs since the age of 17 and released her first solo record, Alive From the Scrap Heap, in 2014.

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