Christmas Hearts Wishes Us All The Best Season With “Merry Christmas Everyone”

Among the many blessings of this holiday season is the band Christmas Hearts Club’s new Christmas single. Titled “Merry Christmas Everyone”, the Christmas song captures the Christmas spirit perfectly. The beautiful track is unlike any other song released for the holiday season.

Highly influenced by the pop of the past decades, the band has given us Christmas music like never heard before. The song will get anyone is the Christmas spirit. The track combines six marvelous talents, excelling in several musical aspects, the band members’ undeniable chemistry is key to this track being a masterpiece.

All the various instruments come together to create the beautiful melody that serves as a base to the song. This based is paired with the beautiful vocals from the talented Marty Craggs and India Foskett. The two vocalists’ voices go very smoothly together and complement each other.

This song is the ultimate Christmas track, needed to end the year on a joyful and positive note. The lyrics make the song much richer, the cheerfulness can be sensed from the audio and the wonderful voices that voice those lyrics.

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Salma Almed

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