Cleopatrick Reflects On High School Years With “Youth”

Born in Ontario, Canada, Cleopatrick is an alternative rock duo that has released their new single entitled “Youth.” The two bandmates, Luke Gruntz (singer) and Ian Fraser (drummer) are lifetime best friends who continue to amaze their fans with their authentic sound.

“Youth” derived from an existential moment in the band’s high-school years, which they wanted to escape from the societal norms of many teenage boy’s mindset. With this song, Cleopatrick has used their profound frustration as a symbolism for cigarettes: “first or last, somewhere you’ve ashed, the cigarette, that’s going to take you down.” “Youth” is a concise anthem for teenagers who dare to step away from the pressures that surround them, and strive to be themselves. The leftover anger, confusion, and anxiety gathered from their hometown was brilliantly recycled into the lyrics of “Youth.”

The song’s intro, without hesitation, welcomes the guitar and drums followed by the calm introduction of the lyrics. The instruments remain steady until the hook allows the electric guitar to break away into sweet madness −reaching intense cords. Towards the end of the song, the drums go wild against the singer’s closing words that reflect on the accountability of one’s actions.

Cleopatrick has tastefully combined frustration and confrontation into a hit sound that those from their youth will indeed hear.

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