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Conventioner Releases His Latest Electronic Pop Track “Love or Protection”

James Chester, the name behind the stage name Conventioner, has just released his latest electronic pop track “Love or Protection”. Although not a common name in the industry as of right now, give it a few listens to his latest single and listeners will be jumping to find out more behind this Philadephia-based artist.

Conventioner is originally from Jacksonville, Florida who relocated to the Philadelphia area after he reached college. Always being surrounded by music while growing up playing in various church choirs and bands, Chester began to fall in love with music. After his move into the Philadelphia area is where he found his love for the pop and electronics sound. Thus, his inspiration came, and he spent late nights producing and experimenting with different beats, filters, and samples.

“Love or Protection” is a “warm listen perfect for bridging the gap between your summer and fall playlists.” The track invites listeners into a sound of a gentle and tender tone with intensely personal lyrics. Jon Santana, a respected Nashville producer, was the icing on top of the cake when it came to adding the final touches on the track. With catchy and intoxicating beats along with Conventioner’s incredible vocals and indie sound, “Love or Protection” is definitely a track that will allow this artist to rise to success.

Conventioner plans to release his sophomore EP “Legacy” later this fall. Be sure to look out for that release and news on his listening party announcement coming soon! For now, check out his new single “Love or Protection” now on Soundcloud!

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