Corina Corina Raises Awareness To Eating Disorders With “Skinny”

Although the number of those suffering from eating disorders is increasing with every passing moment, it is rare to find someone in the entertainment industry tackle the issue. The many A list singers and actors, the ones with the most power and influence on the younger generation, fail to show any concern about this growing issue.

So when an artist like Corina Corina dedicates an entire track to anorexia we simply couldn’t ignore it. Having suffered from the illness herself, Corina knows what it’s like to suffer and knows exactly what to say. Eating disorders are a highly sensitive topic, many who have the voice to make a difference turn away from but Corina tackled the issue in the best way possible. She is the voice those suffering from anorexia need, someone to tell them that they’re not alone. Corina released her single “Skinny,” raising awareness towards eating disorders, more specifically anorexia. Although the song is targeting those suffering to tell them that they’re not suffering by themselves and that there is hope in recovery and going back to their normal lifestyle, it helps raise awareness among those who might know someone who’s suffering. The artist even released a video to accompany the single during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

Eating disorders are not the first sensitive topic that the artist have tackled, she has tracks that cover issues like gender inequality, self love as well as society norms. She is an artist who knows the power of music and isn’t afraid to use it. Her third album release is highly anticipated, we can’t wait to see what issues she tackles next.

It is refreshing to find an artist that isn’t scared to talk about all the sensitive issues. Music is the best way to convey a message but sadly not many use it for something that matters.


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Salma Almed

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