Create The Culture Releases First Singles From Their Upcoming EP, “Create”

Create the Culture, an independent Canada-based Hip-Hop / R&B group, is getting ready to release their vibey EP, “Create”, this upcoming November 1st. The band has been teasing their impending release through their singles “On Road” and “Found My Way”. The two tracks have already gained wide public attention with over 50K views.

Create the Culture is made up of Ace, Kaiba, Pascal, and bk Fire. The group has been together for 8 years, being best friends since high school. They have always had a passion for late night beat boxing and freestyle lessons, which inspired them to come together to create music. Each member is from different backgrounds and cultures, with different backstories. However, the one concept they all share is their love and passion for music.

Create the Culture’s overall goal is to spread the CTC vibe all across the world, and energize and inspire millions across the globe. Their vibe consists of the specific principles of spreading the culture of love, loyalty, crew-love, self-expression, and crushing all of the egoic foolishness of envy and jealousy. Their mission is to spread love, vibes, inspire and create music for themselves and their fans across the world.

Create the Culture hopes to spread their unique and powerful message to the public all across the world. “Create” provides insight into the vibes this group wants their fans to understand and love about them. To get ready for the EP out November 1, 2017, stream their singles “On Road” and “Found My Way” now on Soundcloud!

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