CZARINA Gets The World Ready For Her Debut LP, “Painted Holograms”

CZARINA will introduce her unique music and vision to the world with her debut LP Painted Holograms, to be released on November 11.

The unique genre-bending artist is redefining pop. She is mixing up the commonly known and widely love pop with the body moving electronic. Czarina is birthing a new never heard sound with her record, she is bending the boundaries between genres.

Throughout the nine-track record, the musician is exploring with her versatility, resulting in each of the tracks showcasing a different aspect of her impressive talent. The title track proved to be the most mesmerising and unique of the songs. “Pained Holograms,” the song, equally balances between the unique set of vocals the artist acquires and the intense instrumental.

CZARINA is making a name for herself and her LP is only her initial step.

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Salma Almed

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