Daemon & Airdrie Examine Phases In Life With Their Latest Single, “MELT”

Daemon and Airdrie come to us from BC, Canada and bring the sound of electronic “ghost pop.” They deliver soft, yet intense, emotional tunes.  They use subtle beats, with slight instrumentation, to mesh with their soothing vocals. One can see why their sound is described as “ghost pop”, for they create these sounds that haunt the soul, begging for an emotional response.  This is especially true, with their newest single, “MELT.”

“MELT” is both deep and intimate.  This track creates a sense of self development, as it talks about transitioning through different phases in life. While not always seeming positive, life has its way of shifting; we don’t always notice it at first, but when we do, it just has to happen as we stand by.  Time moves on, and we can’t go back to all of those places in our memories.  Everything seems to melt away.  On top of the deep lyrical impact, the music behind the lyrics is so incredibly smooth.  The best way I can describe it is to call it audible sex. It massages the ears and makes one vibe out to the lyrics.  It makes me want to hear even more.  The music video is of great quality as well, and is great to watch along with the lyrics. It provides some rather interesting imagery.  They seem to be out in nature, wandering, much like we do in life.  It features twin dancers, representing yin and yang.  They begin separate but gradually grow closer until they intertwine with each other.

If you enjoy this song and video, I recommend giving a listen to their song “China Shop.” You can find their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube. While you’re at it, feel free to visit the group’s media pages to show support!   As always, listen on.

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