Dante Matas Leads Off New EP With “Everything Nearly Fell Apart Completely”

Incoming spoiler alert: I love good music. I know, huge shocker. That might be why I love to write about it. “Everything Nearly Fell Apart Completely” by Dante Matas is the kind of song that makes me love music, not because of its happy, summery, drive-down-the-highway-with-the- windows-rolled-down, catchy-sing-in-the-shower-tune kind of sound…although those are all great selling points too. But this song is truly clever. It’s a pop song that employs tone painting, meaning that the musical techniques used reflect an underlying concept in the lyrical message of the song. How cool is that?

“Everything Nearly Fell Apart Completely” is the first single from Dante Matas’ new record A Colourful Headache, which he considers to be a huge departure from his previous work. With a new focus on creating the “weird pop music” sound he wants, “Everything Nearly Fell Apart Completely” has made a grand entrance into this new frontier.

In the lyrics of the song, Matas describes a reaction to what sounds like a turbulent relationship. He sings that he “Thought that we would keep it together” and “see the end of you and me,” but after an unspecified event, everything nearly fell apart, completely. Many people find themselves in situations like this one and can understand exactly what he is detailing. But as listeners reach the synth break and Matas sings “that’s when everything nearly fell apart and I mean it when I say completely,” the song quite literally falls apart as all the parts fade away, leaving just the synthesizer. Tone painting: the lyrics say fall apart and so the song does. So. crazy. clever. I just ate this up when I heard it the first time.

Slowly, more and more parts are added on after this break both instrumentally and vocally, creating a beautiful chaos. I’m loving the dense texture that all the clashing melodic lines creates. Matas layered these melodic parts to show that just as the song is falling apart, the collision of different melodies and lyrics following the break bring it all back together again. I think that this counterpoint of different melodies is the colourful headache that Dante Matas named his album for and I am very excited to listen to the rest of the album, which just came out on May 4th.

Listen to “Everything Nearly Fell Apart Completely” on Spotify or Soundcloud.


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