Deanna Petcoff Describes The Whirlwind Of Emotions After A Breakup With “Stress”

Toronto-based alternative indie songwriter Deanna Petcoff’s latest single “Stress”, released November 9th, is a song about the feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and having to accept the circumstances of a relationship that cannot be fixed.

The song has a folksy melody that contrasts with Petcoff’s deep, throaty voice which I find pleasing as they seem to balance one another out and relate to how someone can hide their stress through putting on a false veneer of happiness. This goes hand in hand with the range of emotions that Petcoff expresses throughout the song, giving more than one image of how someone feels after losing love.

In the beginning she doesn’t feel good enough for them, describing them as “enigmatic” and stating that “I could walk around your town for weeks, but I feel like you’d never even notice me.” The middle describes them as being “hyperbolic” exaggerating their feelings for her over whether they want her or not, making her frustrated with uncertainty. She tells them that “You love me sometimes and you set me free. Maybe if I stole you away for a week, you’d get it over with and you’d get sick of me.”  

Eventually by the end she is done with them because, she states, “I can’t love someone who doesn’t wanna love” though like she has done throughout the song she stills asks for someone to tell her what to do for this issue.

Overall, I like the message of the song and how Petcoff expresses the whirlwind of emotions that people feel after a breakup and the time that it takes to eventually move on with your life, fall in love with yourself, and find someone who loves you as much as you do them.  Give Deanna Petcoff’s new single “Stress” a listen and check out her social media platforms as well!

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