Declan O’ Donovan Releases Two Singles That Masterfully Get The Imagination Going

Returning to the scene, Declan O’Donovan has released two new singles “Hank” and “Let It Rain (Reprise).” Both songs combine an old-time element with modern, distorted vocals to create a sound unique within the current world of music. The gravelly strain in Donovan’s voice demands the listener’s attention, whether in the more up-tempo single “Hank” or the darker song “Let It Rain (Reprise).”

“Hank” immediately catches the ear with peppy, old time piano that brings a smile. A little country, a little rock, and a lot of talent make the song stand out from much of what is heard on today’s radio. This track is a refreshing return to the sounds of generations past. “Loosely based on an urban legend about a promiscuous Hank Williams and woven into a story about a childhood friend,” everything about this track may make it my new obsession.

While the first single will get you on your feet with hands clapping, “Let It Rain (Reprise)” is reminiscent of an old Hollywood Western. The sound of finger picking guitar overlaps with an eerie vocal to create a dream-like effect. Although “Let It Rain” was already released on Donovan’s last album, “This alternate version is lyrically identical, yet musically and conceptually an entirely different piece than the original.” It’s sure to leave you in a pensive, reminiscent mood.

Be sure to give these songs a listen: Spotify / SoundCloud.



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