DEMAR Creates A Remastered Version Of Her Single With “Fire” (Charles Fauna Remix)

After gaining recognition from her Kendrick Lamar cover, DEMAR released her debut EP Rebels this past October. DEMAR grew as a musician during time she spent living in London until her visa expired, and she returned to the U.S. to settle in New York City.

Her newest release is a remastered version of her single, “Fire.” Created with Brooklyn-based electronic producer Charles Fauna, this new twist on DEMAR’s track transitions the singer/songwriter into the club scene. “Fire (Charles Fauna Remix)” adds a light, synthetic air without compromising the integrity of the song’s original gripping vocal arrangement. DEMAR captivates with her feisty lyrics and presence throughout the track, while Charles Fauna creates an easy dance tune that could be played at any party. Both the original and the remix versions of this song would fit perfectly into the current pop radio line-ups. The same can be said for the entirety of DEMAR’s EP Rebels.

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