Destroy Boys Pushes The Competition Aside With Latest Album, “Make Room”

Destroy Boys are re-introducing themselves to the world with their latest project Make Room, a ten-track album. The album brings out the rebellion of the teenage years and is going against everything that makes music popular in our current time.

The music of Destroy Boys is a major nod to the pop rock of the early 2000s. From the themes of the songs being focused on breaking free to the alternative instrumental.

Each of the ten tracks showcases the immense talent and versatility of the band and its members but track 7 “Crybaby” stands out the most. “Crybaby” is rich with heartfelt lyrics, a strong instrumental and strong vocals.

The female led band is breaking the boundaries with their music and artistic vision. They bring something new to the chart topping, radio friendly music.

Destroy Boys is one of the best upcoming groups of our current time. They are on their way to achieve great things with their music and to make a difference.

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Salma Almed

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