Dom Fricot Releases A Touching Cinematic Music Video With “Echoes”

Vancouver singer-songwriter Dominique Fricot, has shared with us the music video of his new song, “Echoes”. The video takes us to Kathmandu, Nepal, where two kids make their own fun by dipping their feet in water vats, climbing walls made of loose bricks, and generally amuse themselves.

What I personally liked about the video is that the kids are not interacting with anything electronically. No phones, no game systems, anything that makes their eyes glued to a screen, maybe where the children are located in the video it could be a place where technology is not available. But with this, I feel that the kids are learning things on their own. They are learning life lessons by doing the activities that they are doing in the video.

The song, is very mellow and calming. What I get from the lyrics and vibes of the song is that no matter what gets you down in life you will always get back up. It might be difficult to handle at first, but there is always a second time and life lesson to be learned. What Fricot’s message of the song is, “Even if you fall, you will learn.”

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Kristen Calderoni

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