Drew Vision Brings the Vibes of The Season With His Newly Released EP, “Shades of Summer”

R&B/ Pop recording artist, Drew Vision continues his rise to success through his newly released EP, Shades of Summer. Vision has had an incredibly successful career, performing previously at the Essence Music Festival, being featured as a groomsman in Beyoncé’s ‘Best Thing I Ever Had’ music video, and releasing hit singles like ‘Without You’. From being featured everywhere from People Magazine to Billboard, the buzz around the talent that is Drew Vision is only beginning to spread.

If you’re looking for the perfect ‘driving around vibing with the windows down’ sound, Drew Vision’s EP Shades of Summer should definitely make it onto your short list. With sounds similar to popular R&B pop artists like Khalid and Usher, these tracks can easily make their way into your summer playlist. The EP was released just a few weeks ago, June 29, making it the ultimate kick off for everyone’s summer energy.

Shades of Summer is comprised of 5 songs that come together to illustrate the intuitive role of Drew Vision’s artistic abilities. “Whatever mood you’re in, whatever personality you naturally flow with, you’re sure to find a song that appeals to you and brings out your natural emotion.” The opening track, ‘No Do Overs’ tells the story of loss of a love, allowing the audience to relate to the feelings, and to understand the emotion behind the vocals and lyrics. ‘Want ‘em All’, ‘Feel This Way, ‘I Give Good Love; and ‘’Deep Water’ are fun tracks perfect for anything from late night summer drives to BBQ’s and pool jams. These songs showcase not only Vision’s incredibly soulful vocals, but also the smooth and catchy beats he has composed.

Give a listen to the EP, Shades of Summer, below to understand why it is said to be the “project that will mark Drew’s ascent to the big leagues; the top of the music industry.”

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