DYLYN Warns Us About Girls Like Her With “Wolf”

With her famous tracks “Secret” and “American Nightmare” topping the charts in Canada, the Toronto based musician, DYLYN, is turning heads and creating a name for herself in the music industry. Her new song “Wolf” gives off 80 vibes of Duran Duran with a whirl of Indie. The song was made after the singer went through a bad break-up, on top of family issues at home. Her frustration and grievance shines through in her single, with the chorus of her lyrics being “girls like me should come with a warning”.

Sounding similar to America’s Elle King (the singer of the XO’s), she proves she’s not just another girl in the industry to make music. Touring with Jesse MccArtney in 2012 and speaking on her struggles of anxiety, the singer relates to her fans and uses her social media platform to embrace her normality. She allows her fans to get a glimpse of her life, while making music hits.

DYLYN’s beauty and unique voice make her one of the top artists to follow in 2018. As she’s working on her first album of 2018, she is without a doubt establishing herself as one of Canada’s best indie musicians.

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Taylor Papadakis

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