Electronic Indie Visionary, Iuliano, Discovers “The Hidden Root” With Latest Song An Music Video

“The Hidden Root” by the talented Iuliano, off his EP Hidden Root, is a beautiful indie track that showcases the artist’s vocal, lyrical and instrumental talent. The triple threat exposes a new side to himself in his latest EP, as he finally brings music that has always been inside him to life.

The indie artist uses his music wisely and priorities his soothing vocals and deep lyrics over a catchy tune or a loud melody, which elevates his music to a new level.

The artist completed his vision for the single with a uniquely abstract music video. The video begins with the artist mouthing the lyrics in a pair of a striking blue pair of glasses then moves to him getting covered in paint, which varies in color as the video goes on. Throughout the video one symbol remains constant, that is the outline of a red apple. At first glance the video seems fairly simple with no real point to it but upon paying attention to the details, you start to appreciate the production and ideas that has gone into the almost 5 minute visual.

Iuliano is a man with a vision. A vision that not everyone will get but those who do will forever appreciate him and his immense talent.


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Salma Almed

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