Elena Andujar Makes A Spirited Work Of Art With “Flamenco In Time”

In a time where flamenco music is seemingly obsolete, one musician has made it her goal to bring the art form back. By mixing traditional flamenco with modern dance, Elena Andujar has made the genre reachable to music-lovers today.

Flamenco in Time was released Nov. 1. At seven tracks long, the album features many different mixes of original songs. Each song incorporating new and old, showcasing Andujar’s vocal prowess and musical maturity.

Andujar was born Sevilla, which is considered the birthplace of flamenco. At a young age she started studying dance, and by the time she was 20 she had graduated from the Matilde Coral and Rafael El Negro in Sevilla, studying classical Spanish dance. Andujar has taken her influences and made a career out of it. Now, with her music and dance, Andujar tours not only in Spain, but around the world.

On Flamenco in Time, Andujar further exemplifies her talent. Lead track, “Una Vez Mas” (which roughly translates to “once again” or “one more time”), mixes a mid-tempo R&B beat, accompanied by horns, with Andujar’s strong vocals.

“Fever” has Andujar singing in to a faster beat with harsh horns backing her up. The song explores a more flamenco vibe, giving the audience a faster beat to dance to. “Es Asi” and “El Despertador” have multiple mixes on the album. Each one keeping the same theme of new and old while also managing to stand alone.

Flamenco in Time is Andujar’s attempt at modernizing flamenco music. She successfully managed to bring forth an art form they may not be quite as appreciated and make it listenable to today’s audience. A fun mix to dance and sing along to – Andujar has nailed it.



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