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Elephant Stone Release LP “Ship of Fools” And Announce Global Tour

The Montreal-based, Elephant Stone, have just announced a Global Tour to debut their most recent electric LP, ‘Ship of Fools’. As seen in Exclaim!, Elephant Stone is described as the “crown jewels of Montreal psych rock.” Each track on ‘Ship of Fools’ showcases the groovy and danceable feels and image the band wants their audience to capture.

‘Ship of Fools’ is comprised of 11 tracks that form together to create a new wave of Elephant Stone’s sounds. This new LP emphasizes more on catchy grooves and vocal melodies that make the audience want to get up, dance, and sing-a-long to the lyrics. Although the sound has changed for the trio, the talent behind the construction of the lyrics has not. Lead front man, Rishi Dhir, has been consistent for having such sophisticated lyrics and social commentary. Although each song is different in its own way, each track reflects an older music generation sound, similar to music from the 70’s, and artists like The Beatles.

Elephant Stone is made up of three band members: Rishi Dhir, who is the band’s vocalist, bassist, songwriter, and sitar player, Miles Dupire, drums and backing vox, and Gabriel Lambert, geetar and backing vox. After forming in 2009, Elephant Stone has had major success touring throughout North America, as well as creating huge buzz around the psych rock scene. Some famous acts the band has toured with include Beck, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and The Horrors.

Elephant Stone has proven they are unafraid of challenging themselves and their audience. Although their sounds have changed throughout the years, one of the aspects that have remained consistent since the start is their psychedelic mission of making music for the head and the heart. Make sure to listen to their new LP, ‘Ship of Fools’, today, and get ready to see the vibrant and talented act perform on their Global Tour throughout Canada, Europe, and the US from August 2017 through December 2017.


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