Emilie Mover Makes A Love Song For The Divine With “Walking Through”

Many years ago, one of my music teachers told me that there are two kinds of music out there: love songs and pirate music. Weird, right? I guess it makes sense. No matter what song you’re listening to, you can usually group it into one of these two categories.

Within seconds of turning on Emilie Mover’s new single, I could tell it was a love song. And for one or two listens, I figured it was the usual love song about a guy who is “the only one who’s ever seen the light of day” and exists “in the space between,” as the lyrics say. But after reading about it, this song is much, much more than that. It is still a love song, yes. But instead of describing a romantic relationship, Mover is describing “[her] relationship with the unseen, the big picture, the divine, Hashem, G-O-D – whatever word you want to call it.” Those lyrics I mentioned before can be reinterpreted to represent divine forces in our world that are there for those who have faith in times that they feel alone, that fill the space in between the emptiness of their lives, that bring light to a universe that believers feel is dark without divinity. In that way, it is a deeply moving profession of love.

Recorded in a small veranda on the side of the road, “Walking Through” does justice to its message through it’s intimate, stripped-down sound. On the track, you can hear ambient sounds: nature’s rustling, running water, birds and insects, cars speeding by. These sounds seem to physically surround the listener, creating an ambiance or environment that mimics the world happening around us. I really am a sucker for beautiful guitar-picking, so this song indulged me. The simplicity and fluctuating tempo and dynamics of the guitar’s melodic lines pull the listener into an up-down journey, much like the journey that many can experience in their faith.

Mover explains that “Walking Through” is “about having faith in something, and striving to maintain that faith even though the world can often be a very doubtful, cynical place.” I think that message comes through effectively in this gorgeous love song.

Listen to “Walking Through” here.

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